Yes, I'm with you. I've trekked too far into this mystery not to find out its answer.
I'm just gonna pack up a few munchies, and stow the ginny someplace safe . . .
. . . and then I'll get on my way. I'll message you when I'm heading out.
[Taylor is Busy]
Stuck my head out of the caravel and caught what was, honestly, one of the most impressive sunrises I've ever witnessed.
(That sun being Tau Ceti and not good ol' Sol, but still, I'm gonna go ahead and count it.)
So, first of all, let's just be impressed that I was up and at 'em before first light--that hasn't happened in . . . ever?
And second, I should mention tht I could see that weird green corona around the peak again, that sort of soft glow.
The light--like the shape of the peak itself--is just a few degrees away from natural-looking, it weirds me out.
("Weirds me out" is the technical, scientific term for it. Look it up. From the Latin for "icky yucky squicky.")
Oh, and last but not least, my IEVA suit's compass is still acting all icky yucky squicky.
I guess I don't REALLY need it for hiking to the peak; so long as I've got line of sight, it shouldn't be a problem to get there.
But I bet I could spend a few minutes and cobble one together from spare parts before I take off.

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