I have no idea what it says.
It's... I'm 99% sure it's Chinese characters.
The caravel looked to be a Chinese-origin ship. Does that mean... someone survived that wreck? Someone made it to this peak?
How did we never hear about a Chinese ship being scuttled on this moon --
ESPECIALLY if there was a survivor?
Could their National Space Administration really have covered this up? And WHY? What...
...what went wrong?
I don't know that there's much for me to do other than keep walking around this thing.
I forgot to pack my Chinese-to-English dictionary. You never have one when you really need it.
Okay. Back to exploring.
[Taylor is Busy]

delay: 10 min

if you had Taylor make a homemade compass click here to continue dialogue

if you did not have Taylor make a compass click here to continue dialogue

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