What WAS I babbling about? Good question.
I'm not too sure. But I DO know why I stopped.
Un... apparently, what happened was, I got punched in the jaw. HARD.
By a member of the rescue team.
Because I was spouting some kind of gibberish that, honestly, I don't remember saying AT ALL.
Something about... capturing host bodies from throughout space and time?
(I have no idea.)
And so I'm now on board the rescue ship, and... I'm afraid to say this because I might jinx it...
...but I think we're going to be okay.

If you saved Aya

In a lucid moment, I managed to tell them about Captain Aya, in her stasis pod back at the Varia.
They obligingly stopped by and grabbed her, and even now the ship´s medic is working on her.
He said the measures I took to keep the Captain alive were the best anyone could have possibly done in the circumstances... 
...and because of me, the odds are really good that she´s going to make a full (if slow) recovery. Thank God.
So, I´ll count that as a "win."

end difference

Now the ramp door is safely sealed, and a full-vessel scan turned up no extraterrestrial stowaways... all the aliens and their glowing green eyes are beck on the moon, while we are rocketing away as fast as we possibly can.
There's talk of calling in some sort of nuclear strike on the whole damn rock.
I'm sure that's above my pay grade, but if for some reason I DO get a vote...
...that's one in favor of blowing it to hell and tap-dancing on the ashes.
So. Yeah. They've brought me some food and some Gatorade, and told me to take it slow on both...
...and they're saying I'm due for a long rest, and probably a lifetime of trauma counseling.
But I'm alive.
I made it.
And I couldn't have done it without you.
So... thank you. I mean it.
And here's to a brighter future.
This is Cadet Taylor, formally of the Varia, signing off.
[connection terminated]

Taylor has reached the end of this path, but the story is not over!

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This is the "win" ending, the only ending where Taylor is successfully saved from the moon. Continue the story: (sneak peak link)

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