• MooWho

    Overhauling the Wiki

    September 17, 2016 by MooWho

    Hello to the 300 or so people viewing the wiki a day (according to our analytics),

    First off, sorry for being inactive. I've been really busy and I'd like to get back into improving the wiki for the better. I'd like to make a massive thank you to Kaixo for their awesome work with overhauling our pages according to the raw data. While their job certainly isn't close to finishing - you can already see the improvements!

    As the Lifeline series is more than just Taylor and their adventures, I think it's time that we overhaul the wiki's look and feel. I want to create some new logos and incorperate more colours into the wiki. While this means that we'll have to update a lot of the existing CSS code, it gives the wiki an opportunity to feel new and…

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