White-Star (2)

White Star Schematic

The White Star is a mining ship that was passing the less traveled sector of the Tau Ceti system that contains the desert moon 31U00W. While passing the moon the ship can pick up a distress signal sent by the stranded student astronaut Taylor. It acts as a rescue ship for Taylor in two endings.

It is featured in Lifeline and Lifeline: Silent Night, with it serving as the main location for the latter.

Description Edit

A mining vessel with some connection to the Ninth Battalion.

Plot Edit

When in the Peak Taylor can investigate monitors set up in a small room. Taylor will notice the true nature of the peak and notice the presence of a ship passing over the sector. The player has the option to advise Taylor to break into the system and send off a distress signal to hopefully contact the passing ship.

If Taylor sends the signal, protects the monitors, and survives the Lifeforms attacks, the ship will change course and prepare to rescue the survivor.

If the player makes certain decisions the ship will touch down on the surface of the moon some distance from the Peak, where Taylor can rush out towards it, passing the Lifeforms that are now only interested in the new arrivals.

As Taylor runs out to the ship some of the crew will come out of the ship, prompting Taylor to warn them of their peril.

If Taylor musters the courage to continue s/he’ll continue running towards the ship succumbing to the Lifeforms hypnosis as s/he does, before being slapped by a member of the White Star crew and abruptly coming out of the hypnosis.

If Taylor saves the captain the White Star will pick her up before leaving the moon.

The crew then prepare and report Taylor’s story and order a bomb strike from the Ninth Battalion, prompting the events of the Lifeline: Silent Night sneak peak and Lifeline: Silent Night.

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