I'm going. I'm going!
Fear is an excellent motivator to get you through tight spaces, and to make you forget about hurt shoulders.
Fear will also make you not care about your screwed-up compass.
Fear will make you forget about absolutely everything except getting back outside...
...where a barren, desolate moon in the middle of nowhere is somehow the most comforting place in the whole universe.
Ah. God. I would kiss this soil if I didn't think Earth would get jealous.
I don't know what that was. Maybe... maybe it was nothing. Just my mind playing tricks.
It would sure suck if I survived a spaceship crash only to suffer a heart attack jumping from shadows, huh?
I'm just gonna sit here for a minute and try to catch my breath, okay?
[Taylor is Busy]
Yeah. Much better.
All right, before I go any further, let's stop and assess things for a minute.
It looks like I've got a long hike north, in a northward direction, before I get to that peak up north.
From here, I can see a couple more craters in my direct path -- small ones, though, nothing like the one I navigated earlier.
This probably wouldn't be the worst time to pause for a little food and drink to refuel before I start off again.
Shoulder hurts pretty bad.
And my stupid ankle isn't doing much better. Man, I'm kind of a mess, aren't I?
I guess there's no point doing much more thinking about it.
I'm just burning daylight, and I don't really know how much of it I have to burn.
So. . . off I go.
It's gonna be a long march. If it's all the same to you, I'm gonna switch off the comm for a while and just concentrate on hiking.
Talk to you in a bit.
[Taylor is Busy]
Something strange to report. I've been keeping close tabs on it, because I didn't want to say anything until I was absolutely sure.
My IEVA suit's compass is 100% useless.
I got to the rim of a small crater, a little ways back, and elected just to walk its perimeter.
But the compass didn't alter itself in concert with my orientation.
It just spun at random, or not at all -- it had nothing to do with which way I was facing.
I mean, back when I was inside the caravel wreckage, the compass was acting all weird...
...but I'd figured that was just a localized event, that whatever had brought the ship down had played havoc with its polarity somehow.
I thought, once I got away from there, everything would go back to normal.
I could still keep moving toward the peak, just navigating by sight, obviously...
...but this is a little bit troubling, in consideration of the return trip.
The winds have been really calm for the last hour or so.
If I wanted to trace my footsteps back the way I just came, this would be the time to make that decision.


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