Dr. Sibellius is the creator of the Adams series of robots, including V. Adams.

Sibellius is responsible for most of the events of Lifeline: Whiteout and is the primary antagonist of the plot.

Sibellius was diagnosed with a terminal illness two months prior to the plot of Lifeline: Whiteout and given two weeks to live.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Sibellius created the Adams series in his image. Because of this, the robots look like him, but younger. Sibellius is in a wheelchair when V. Adams meets him, and is "hooked up to a breathing apparatus."[1]

Personality Edit

After his diagnosis, Sibellius began to build robots after being unable to find a biological cure for his (unnamed) condition. Sibellius believes fully that the Adams series (particularly the only one capable of undergoing this procedure, V. Adams) will benefit humanity by allowing him to transfer his consciousness into them. He runs extensive tests on the Adams series, particularly environmental ones on V. Adams, including Adams' contact with the player (a twist on the robotics concept of the Turing test.)[2] Sibellius is angered if Adams refuses to cooperate with the procedure, and claims he wishes he had never built Adams.

References Edit

  1. This is how Sibellius describes himself.[1]
  2. Another statement in Sibellius' own words.[2]

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