Wow! Clockwise? That is a very bold choice!
As I take off marching to my left, in a big gigantic circle on an unknown moon in a poorly trafficked quadrant...
...know that your strong, clear decision-making skills have made all the difference!
Counterclockwise sucks! Clockwise rules! Without it, clocks would be useless! Except for digital ones!
...Ooh boy. I think I used up all my enthusiasm, and I've still got an awful lot of walking left to do.
I'll message you when I get to about the halfway point.
If anything happens, though, I promise, I'll let you know.
[Taylor is busy]
OH MY GOD! You'll never believe it!
I'm Still walking around a moon crater and it's still boring as hell!
...Sorry. I was just going a little bonkers, with nothing but the sound of my own thoughts.

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