or "Go get some breakfast."


Breakfast. That's what normal people eat in the mornings.
And despite being stranded in deep space. I want to just do as many normal things as possible.

if you had found the rations at this point

So, like a normal person, I'm just gonna chow down on an MRE of, uh... lemon pepper tuna.
The breakfast of champions.

if you do not have rations

So, like a normal person, I'm just gonna chow down on rat pellets and stale water.
The breakfast of champions.

Options Edit

if you had tried to get into the caravel galley already

Oh, man. I've really got to see if I can get into the caravel's galley today.

if you had not tried to get into the galley yet

I wonder if there's some kind of galley on this ship. I mean, there MUST be, right?
Assuming it wasn't in the part of the caravel that was torn off.

regardless of rations or galley

I guess that should be my mission after I choke down this hearty meal, huh?

Options Edit

Previous Options Edit

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